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The aim of the Medical Equipment Management Program is to make your Biomedical Engineering operations efficient. This means increased patient safety and less downtime. Lower downtime ultimately means higher utilization, lower repair and maintenance costs, reduced unplanned capital expense and a faster ROI from your most valuable assets.

Inspection involves verifying your medical equipment are within specifications and conform to requirements. Inspections, known in the Philippines as calibration or verification, are an important part of your equipment management program. These begin with acceptance testing with new equipment, to regular in service equipment inspections.

Preventive maintenance is the regular check of your equipment for wear and tear and  recommend replacing components that might cause total breakdown or serious impairement before the next scheduled inspection.

Healthcare Technology Management is an all encompassing field which is responsible for the selection, maintenance, and safe use of all health technology and medical equipment found in healthcare. 

Our team of experts have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry in both private and government entities.

Whether you’re just starting a healthcare facility or have been in operation for some time, our team are ready to provide you with cost effective solutions to take your facility to the next level.

Every piece of equipment eventually needs some form of corrective maintenance due to age, wear and tear, or sheer bad luck. 

Our team of Biomedical engineers and technicians are on hand to bring your equipment back online in as little time as possible.

Repair services range from minor troubleshooting to refurbishment of your medical equipment. All repaired equipment are inspected by an independent team to ensure impartiality of the equipment inspection.