Healthcare Technology Management

We offer tailor made programs depending on your facility’s needs. Our HTM programs begin with information gathering about your equipment, operations, and strategic objectives.

The aim of the Medical Equipment Management Program is to make your Biomedical Engineering operations efficient. This means increased patient safety and less downtime. Lower downtime ultimately means higher utilization, lower repair and maintenance costs, reduced unplanned capital expense and a faster ROI from your most valuable assets.

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The Healthcare Technology Management program involves the organization and coordination of the following activities:

  • Information gathering about equipment
  • Planning for technology needs and relevant funding
  • Purchase of suitable equipment and its successful installation
  • Safe and effective operation of the technology
  • Maintaining and repairing equipment
  • Training of staff for the proper and efficient use of equipment

The HTM Program delivers to you the overall management plan of your inventory as well as standard policies and procedures for: 

  • Pre-acquisition,
  • Acceptance testing,
  • Inspection and preventive maintenance,
  • Temporary medical equipment (lease),
  • Risk based assessment and categorization,
  • Repairing medical equipment,
  • Equipment user training,
  • Decommissioning/disposal of equipment. 
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