What is inspection?

Inspection is the examination of a product design, product, service, process or installation, to determine conformity with general or specified requirements.

In the Philippine Healthcare industry, this is what is sometimes referred to as “Calibration”.

There is a close relationship between inspection, testing, and measurement.

Inspection involves examinations by competent personnel using techniques including:

  • Visual Examination
  • Comparison with standards
  • Examination/testing using calibrated test instruments
Inspections are conducted at various stages of the medical equipment lifecycle such as acceptance (commissioning), regular inspection and preventive maintenance (IPM), and after repair.

Preventive Maintenance

What is Preventive Maintenance?

The core function of Preventive maintenance is to prevent equipment failures from occuring. Equipment failure could have catastrophic consequences especially in the healthcare industry, which is why preventive maintenance is very important.

Preventive maintenance involves cleaning, lubrication, check for wear and replacement of components that might cause total breakdown or serious functional impairment of the equipment. It is generally performed together with an Inspection in what is referred to as Inspection and Preventive Maintenance (IPM), but it can also be conducted separately.